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2018.FEB : VOAJA Monthly Title List  

2018.JAN , 2018.FEB , 2018.MAR

Num Create date VOA date Title of VOA news
1 2018.FEB.04 2018.FEB.01 Court Overturns Olympic Doping Bans
2 2018.FEB.05 2018.FEB.03 Can Life Return to Normal in Aleppo?
3 2018.FEB.06 2018.FEB.04 Internet Use Expanding in Least Developed Countries
4 2018.FEB.07 2018.FEB.05 SpaceX's New Rocket Ready for First Flight
5 2018.FEB.07 2018.FEB.06 Polish President Will Sign Holocaust Law
6 2018.FEB.09 2018.FEB.07 Joint Korean Hockey Team Overcomes Language Divide
7 2018.FEB.09 2018.FEB.07-2 Experts: US, India, Japan, Australia to Plan Actions on South China Sea
8 2018.FEB.09 2018.FEB.07-3 Judges Now Using Artificial Intelligence to Rule on Prisoners
9 2018.FEB.10 2018.FEB.08 New Zealand to Ban Foreign Home Buyers
10 2018.FEB.10 2018.FEB.08-2 Norway's Olympic Cooks Gets 15,000 Eggs Instead of 1,500
11 2018.FEB.10 2018.FEB.08-3 North Korea Holds Military Parade Before Start of Winter Olympics
12 2018.FEB.12 2018.FEB.09 Iran Controls Information with Halal Net
13 2018.FEB.12 2018.FEB.10 Aid Groups: Syrian Refugees Face danger if Forced to Return Home
14 2018.FEB.13 2018.FEB.11 Japanese Companies Introduce New 'Companion' Robots
15 2018.FEB.13 2018.FEB.11-2 Ancient Maya Structures Found in Guatemalan Jungle
16 2018.FEB.15 2018.FEB.13 20-Year Sentence for Woman Linked to Former S. Korean President
17 2018.FEB.15 2018.FEB.13-2 Kenya's Flower Industry Grows
18 2018.FEB.15 2018.FEB.13-3 Kim Jong Nam's Killing, A Year Later
19 2018.FEB.17 2018.FEB.15 Gunman Kills At Least 17 at Florida High School
20 2018.FEB.19 2018.FEB.17 Washington 'Nap Cafe' Helps Busy Workers Slow Down
21 2018.FEB.21 2018.FEB.19 Mosquito Nets Widely Used for Fishing, Study Finds
22 2018.FEB.23 2018.FEB.21 The Vatican Close to a Deal on Catholic Churches in China
23 2018.FEB.23 2018.FEB.21-2 How 3D Printing Helped Team USA Go for Gold
24 2018.FEB.25 2018.FEB.23 US Agency Changes 'Nation of Immigrants' Mission Statement
25 2018.FEB.27 2018.FEB.25 Scientists Grow First Fully Developed Human Eggs in Laboratory
26 2018.FEB.27 2018.FEB.25-2 American to Fight Twitter over Social Media Ban
27 2018.MAR.01 2018.FEB.27 Norway to Invest Millions to Improve Arctic Seed Vault
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