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2017.OCT : VOAJA Monthly Title List  

2017.OCT , 2017.NOV

Num Create date VOA date Title of VOA news
1 2017.NOV.15 2017.OCT.07 Half of Teenagers in US and Japan 'Addicted' to Smartphones
2 2017.NOV.15 2017.OCT.18 How Powerful Personal Experiences Changed Opinions
3 2017.NOV.15 2017.OCT.20 China Bans Use of Uyghur, Kazakh Books, Materials in Xinjiang Schools
4 2017.NOV.15 2017.OCT.20-2 British Navy Submarine Designs Look Like Real Sea Creatures
5 2017.NOV.15 2017.OCT.22 Taj Mahal Center of Political Dispute
6 2017.NOV.15 2017.OCT.24 Americans Worry Robots Will Take Jobs, Leave Nothing to Do
7 2017.NOV.15 2017.OCT.25 Airlines Begin New Security Measures for Flights to US
8 2017.NOV.15 2017.OCT.26 "Sierra Leone to Sell Multi-million Dollar Diamond to Help Poor"
9 2017.NOV.15 2017.OCT.27 Spain Dismisses Catalonia Government after Independence Declaration
10 2017.NOV.15 2017.OCT.30 Former Trump Campaign Aides Charged
11 2017.NOV.15 2017.OCT.31 Southeast Asian Leaders Go Soft on China Over Disputed Sea
12 2017.NOV.15 2017.OCT.31-2 Rescued Sailors' Report of Their Experience Questioned
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